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Finding my Hustle

Side hustle, positive thinking, re-branding, never quit.


Pi Day! A glazed apple donut cream pie!

Happy Pi Day! A holiday I can really get behind. Today March 14th (3.14) actually means something where; Speak like a Pirate Day, Sibling Day, Pancake Day is just silly. The pie I made today was a new recipe, I wanted to put a spin on the apple classic and someone magically combined a glazed […]

5 things yoga has taught me

Today was a great day in flow class today as it was the third time I achieved a headstand. Super pumped as it is not every flow class I can rise up from my teddy bear stand. Since I was so thrilled from what I completed it was hard to meditate during savanna and it […]

Donate Blood, Save a Life

I do not make resolutions every year but goals, smart goals broken down into easy to manage steps. One of my goals for 2015 was to donate blood, this may sound easy, but not for someone who has a fear of needles. My time was running out for 2015 so I called up my brother and his fiancee for […]

2015 was a great year!

Happy Holidays everyone, 2015 has been a great year! Andy & I are truly blessed! As most of you know Andy & I have been hard at work getting our new company, Semar Productions, off the ground and have made great strides this year with obtaining offices at Canadian Motion Picture Park (where they filmed Supernatural, […]

I am back

So life with Semar has turned into a part time job as we wait for our funding and the holidays approach so I have decided to try my hand at blogging. This is going to be a new starts so I am not sure how I will brand this blog, life is crazy and not always predictable […]