Toxic Free Tuesday – Homemade Exfoliant, sensitive skin.

With the other week’s review of Arbonne’s FC5 Exfoliant, it seems natural to follow it up with my at home exfoliant recipe. Even if it is a few weeks later.

This DIY recipe is so gentle any skin type can benefit, sensitive or dry and can be used more often, I use it ever 2 days.

Did you know that not only does exfoliating help remove dead skin cells but this build up removal process also helps makeup appear better on your skin and absorb better. Exfoliating is essential to making the most of your makeup, it is like sanding a wall before painting, makes complete sense.

So what is this easy recipe I use?

Just baking soda.

Baking soda exfoliant

What I do is I keep some baking soda in an old jam jar, which I have poked holes in, in the bathroom so I can easily and quickly exfoliate after I have washed my face. I sprinkle some into my hand, add water and apply to my face.

This ingredient is great for sensitive skin as the small grains of baking soda do a gentle buff. And it can be amped up to help buff normal skin when you use less water creating more of a paste.

Then I rinse with warm water but finish with cold water to help close my pores.

There are many great benefits to using baking soda, it gets me excited talking about it because this is so easy to add to your routine;

  • Helps remove stubborn oil and makeup
  • Is alkaline (neutralizes acid) to help naturally soften skinNeutralizes acid)
  • Has antiseptic properties to help manage bacteria on your face
  • Natural deodorizer
  • No toxic  (but high in salt so use with discretion)
  • Safe to use all over your body, even in higher concentrations as the skin is thicker below the neck

Simple baking soda exfoliant

Baking soda can also be combined with your normal cleanser if you don’t have an old jam jar handy. (Did you know coconut oil is a good cleanser?)

Other bioorganic alternatives I have yet to try are based off Sugar or Salt, have you tried either of these? I would love to hear your reviews and recipes to try in the future.

Till next time, thanks for reading.




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