Benefit Cosmetics Eyebrow set Review & Rave

I must share my new eye brow find.

This new product combo has been super easy to use, takes no time and lasts all day. So worth every penny.

Easy Eyebrows from Benefit Cosmetics

As many know I have the hand coordination of a young child so filling in and shaping my eye brows can sometimes turn out to be a terrible mess. But with this combo I can achieve compliment worth brows in less than 3mins!

Benefit Cosmetics Eyebrow set Review & Rave

The Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel helps to fill in my brows as they have thinned out since getting pregnant. With the little fibers in the formula it allows me to brush my existing hairs into place to also cover up a scar in one of my brows. The ka-Brow! Cream-Gel Eyebrow Color with Brush helps to define the shape of my brows while add more depth with precision.

I highly recommend checking this out.

And if you buy online go through  and Sephora you will get 16% back on the Sephora price plus a cash bonus for signing up with the promo link

BTW sorry for the inconsistent blogging, life has been busy as we prep for baby and I try to launch a side marketing business


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