Toxic Free Tuesday – Arbonne – Shea Butter Hand Lotion

This hand cream seriously works miracles. 

This is my second of eight reviews of my experience with the Arbonne product line if you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them below.

Name & Price – Shea Butter body/hand lotion 11.5 fl. Oz $33

Toxic Free Tuesday - Arbonne - Shea Butter Body Lotion

Packaging –  Clear plastic bottle & pump

Fragrance – Sweet rose and coconut the sample I tried was a holiday special with a grapefruit scent which was also very lovely but unnecessary. 

Texture – Slippery silk texture that glides on smoothly, NOT STICKY. Absorbed quickly for a soft glossy touch. Not at all greasy.

Experience/Results – When I tried the holiday sample I was shocked at the results I received, never did I think it would work so well to relieve my eczema pains. It quickly healed the two points of eczema I had on my hand better than the lower grade prescription I had been using (Eczema has been an odd pregnancy side effect). I wish I took before and after pictures because I did not expect results like this. It is not completely gone but my skin is no longer cracked, just a few points of roughness which I hope to clear up in the next few days or so. Hand & Body Lotion #9712

Overall – I am super impressed with this product as it has gone above and beyond my
expectations with healing my hands. Not sure why they needed to add in the rose fragrance when we are looking for a product with the least amount of unnecessary ingredients, this may be nan irritant to some sensitive skin types. The effects of calming aloe vera and shea butter though really do shine in this product. This product is safe to use all over your body from the neck down and you will not be disappointed with this purchase. 





**Please note I am not sponsored or paid for any of these reviews, they are all my honest opinion that I want to share as I make a path to a healthier toxic free lifestyle.


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