Toxic Free Tuesday – Arbonne – Calm Daily Cleanser

“Arbonne the brand looking to transform lives through pure botanically based ingredients with scientifically tested products, a pure healthy lifestyle, and the pure joy of helping others.”

This is my first of eight reviews of my experience with the Arbonne product line if you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them below.

Name & Price – Calm Gentle Daily Cleanser 8 fl. Oz $33

Arbonne - Gentle Daily Cleanser

Packaging –   Slender light sea green (aqua)  bottle with a pump. Description; This Mild, soap-free cleanser formulated with only the most essential ingredients gently washes away makeup, excess oil and dirt without irritating or over-drying the skin, Leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed, Can be used day and night. Directions, distribution and storage instructions. This product is also Vegan & Gluten Free, I am sure everyone was worried about the gluten part. 

This is one product in the Calm line offered by Arbonne.

Arbonne - Calm Skin Care Set

Fragrance – Basically fragrance-free but I could get a hint of peppery lemon.

Texture –  Viscosity low – slipperier than dish soap.

Experience/Results – This product is true to its word about being mild, so mild I am able to open my eyes when I am washing my face. This cleanser goes on very gently but gets off even the toughest waterproof mascara, just needs a bit extra rub but it is no problem because there is no burn. I used it in the morning and evening, it was extra refreshing in the morning with cold water.

Overall – Good but not great, this is not a heavy duty cleaning product because of the natural ingredients so I am happy my body is being treated better even if I have to work a bit harder.

I like a product that can easily get rid of my eye makeup to keep the clutter in my bathroom to a minimum and this did a great job with some rubbing.  Ladies if you have lash extensions this will not be for you as you will need to rub your eyes. When I used the product in the shower it required less rubbing. But because it was so gentle I did need a wash cloth or loofa to get everything off.

It was very moisturizing on my skin, I did not feel rushed to quickly add my regular moisturizer after washing my face like with my previous products. 

For sensitive skin, some of the key ingredients will be a great treat;  cucumber, mallow, licorice and Japanese green tea will be very nice to your complexion.

I did not purchase this after my trial as I would like to find something that does a better job at removing my eye make-up, the hunt continues.

**Please note I am not sponsored or paid for any of these reviews, they are all my honest opinion that I want to share as I make a path to a healthier toxic free lifestyle.


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