A Series – Safer Personal Healthcare Options

So with many products available on the market today I have started to search for solutions which will do more for my skin and body than just solve my problems that are on the surface, I want something I know is a “natural” (I hate the word) product, that is safe for my body and the environment. So for my next blog serious I am going to review environmentally friendly, safe and “natural” personal health products.

My beef with the word natural is that everything in the world is natural, plastic is natural, the plant on my desk is natural, everything is natural, it all comes from the earth, and so the overuse of this word for marketing is taken to mean something that is not chemically altered which many of our products these days are. *end rant

Safer Personal Health Care Options - ArbonneThe first brand I will focus on is Arbonne. This is a line of skincare and personal health care products based on botanical principles and cutting edge science. This line addresses a big concern of mine; Arbonne uses botanical ingredients which give my body extra benefits it would not see from commercial products and I am comfortable washing down the drain. I was given a great selection from the Arbonne product line from my friend to try and am very excited to share with my experience.

Safer Personal Health Care Options - ModereThe next product line I will review will be Modere, formally Newways. They prize themselves as being Stylish. Safe. Smart. A company offering high-quality products in personal health care at an affordable price with avoiding scientifically questionable ingredients.

And within this series of reviews I will be talking about some of my at home routines I do which I make in my kitchen, like my super easy exfoliating treatment!

I look forward to exploring these product with you in the next couple weeks!  If you know of any product lines such as these I should know about please let me know in the comments.

**Disclaimer – Both Arbonne & Modere are personal care product lines which consumers can turn into a personal business, I am only a consumer with these companies, receiving no kickbacks and giving my honest review for each product I try.


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