Phone Review – LG G5

So I picked up the new LG G5 about a month ago and was very excited as I love new tech. So here is my tech review from a non-techie.

I picked this phone because:

  • I wanted something that could easily take great photos
  • Has increased internal memory with the ability to expand
  • It can still fit in my back pocket

Now that I have had time to work with the phone and get to know her I am in love… after I was able to work through some learning curves, of course.

Here is my list of awesome features the LG G5 rocks;

  • Camera – There are 3 cameras on this beauty! 2 cameras on the back – a 16-megapixel camera with a standard 78-degree wide lens and an 8-megapixel camera with a wide-angle, 135-degree lens, as well as an 8-megapixel camera on the front.
    • With the wider angle camera, I like to zoom out to see if the shot looks better and most of the time I take this photo as I know in a post I can easily crop to suit my needs. It really adds more to nature shots.
    • Pop out feature – this superimposes the image from the standard lens on top of the wide-angle lens
    • Use all 3 cameras at once, this is a nifty option to get different points of view.
    • Selfies! – I can take selfies with voice commands – I say whiskey and boom! How cool! And no more awkward shutter button.
    • Automatic beauty mode – it is like a built in airbrush.
  • Security – Fingerprint scanner on the back so my pesky brother cannot get into my phone ever again
  • Security backup – In case the scanner is being finicky you can set up a backup code. I use the knock code to open the phone, this is also a great option while the phone sits on the deskLG G5 Smart Alarm
  • Thinking alarm – My first alarm will not turn off until I select the numbers on the screen in descending order. The little extra push I need to not fall back asleep.
  • “Google now on tap” – Search Google from anywhere on your phone. Hold the home button from any screen and be able to search via google.
  • Smarter volume controls, I can easily control the volume of the ringtone, notification, music and feedback from the pull-down menu. Also once I plug in my headphones I can specify which app opens right away. Hello, Spotify!
  • Battery life – my phone can easily make it through my day of regular browsing of social media apps, emails, and the occasional game but I do need a quick charge around dinner if I want to last till bedtime
  • Quick charging – Blows the S4 (my last phone) out of the water even when the other phone was on airplane mode.
  • Modular design – This is something I have not played around with too much yet but I like the option. This allows users to swap in accessories such as cameras or a replacement battery but I hope for more equipment in the future to make it really useful.
  • Never off – Always on display which shows the time, date and any missed notifications and a welcome message. Handy feature so I don’t have to touch the screen, just glance over.

LG G5 Always on display

As with most products there are highs and lows. Here are a few drawbacks I’ve encountered:

  • No app drawer – Initially all my apps were clogging up my home screen with limited ability to customize. This drawback was overcome with a new launcher. I like to use Themer, it gives many options of visibly pleasing interfaces while organizing all my apps and giving me a basic level of customization. After some tweaking, it is a thing of beauty. Other apps are out there like Nova or Google Now but they require more set up time which I do not have.
    • This downside has since been addressed with new versions of the operating system.
  • Unnecessary Apps – I had to disable a few bloating apps I had no use for. 
  • Modular ability – The device is ahead of the market with the modular ability so not many accessories or “friends” as LG calls them are on the market so I am not really utilizing this function, but I am still hopeful for the future devices or “friends”. Also, when I do want to use the camera accessorize the phone is turned off to change pieces which slows down the process.

Overall I am loving the new phone and highly recommend it.

Do you have this phone? I would love to know what you think. Do you have any tips I missed? How about easy ways to improve my photo skills?



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