Finding my Hustle

Hi Friends,

So the past few weeks have been super busy but I am trying to find that groove and get that hustle going. Found a 9-5 to help get my passions off the ground (rebranding this blog as and launching a marketing company, working with some clients for said marketing company, had/have some health problems which we are still trying to work out, and slipped into a lil depressed funk which I hope I am over because with the power of positive thinking a person can do anything!

I am still working on a few posts to put out in June not to worry;

  • LG G5 phone review (PS I love the camera)
  • Arbonne review – a botanically based personal care line
  • And more details about my health issues as it has been baffling doctors here in Vancouver, BC.

But over the next month, my main focus in my spare time will be launching This will be a place to get information on makeup, live hacks, money saving tips and life in Vancouver, and Canada. If any of you lovely people have anything you would like to share and add once this transition is complete I invite guest bloggers to please contact me or leave a comment below as we can all help grow together.

In the meantime, I will still be posting many cute pictures of Toto on Instagram @TotoAdorable which you should really check out.

Thank you all for the help and encouragement as I start on this journey, it is the kind words which help me not give up!






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