Pi Day! A glazed apple donut cream pie!

Happy Pi Day! A holiday I can really get behind. Today March 14th (3.14) actually means something where; Speak like a Pirate Day, Sibling Day, Pancake Day is just silly.

The pie I made today was a new recipe, I wanted to put a spin on the apple classic and someone magically combined a glazed donut and apple pie! The magical creation is called Glazed Apple Cream Pie.

It starts off with a regular pastry crust, I can still count on my dad to always have some homemade in the freezer to steal. Next you make a vanilla custard for the base, standard Granny Smith apples with flour and cinnamon and topped with another layer of crust. After this beauty is out of the oven top it with a simple icing sugar glaze. This pie is super easy to make and if you need they include a quick video which goes over all the steps.

Could this be the next cornut? Rainbow Bagel?


If you want to win a guy through his stomach, be the hit at the next potluck or just wow your family this is your next move.




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