IPSY Review February 2016



February is always such a romantic month and this bag did not disappoint. This bag wants to give you fresh skin with a rosy look. This months bag appears to be created with beading details but it is a jelly design,easier to clean in the future. This month I received;

One of the first steps to making your skin as beautiful as it can be is to buff away the dead skin. I like to exfoliate 2-3 times a week in the shower personally.


This product claims to be “Chemical exfoliator and pore perfector in one” and I could feel the difference. This exfoliator has a fine texture, something close to baking soda which is the most natural exfoliator around, and after leaving it on my face for 60 seconds I could feel a tingling, the “Chemical exfoliator” was working and I kept it on for another 60 seconds. I feel this product did an exceptional job to scrub away the dead skin. The next benefit I noticed were the smaller pores and with the smaller pores, over the next few days I had fewer small breakouts.  Win!

After exfoliating one wants to moisturize, but not with this luxurious hand moisturizer as it can clog pores but does wonders for hands. This is by the best smelling product this month, do all cake products smell like cake?



Lately with my intense yoga training I have chosen to practice some of my poses on my knuckles as my writs are suffering from over extension and compression, this has resulted in excess roughness on the tops of my hands. This balm has been a life saver, it smells great, thick formula, fast acting and fast absorbing, all great things I want in a balm.

Primer oil is a new product category I had not heard of but was excited to try with promises of smoothing ones complexion and boosting moisturization.


I tend to use minimal product on my skin as it is sensitive and can break out easily so I focused the use of this product on my chin and around my nose. I dabbed a very small amount on my finger and it easily spread around the area, a small amount goes along way. I waited for the oil to absorb and continued with my concealer and later powder. The finish did help eliminate the appearance of dry patches! After a few hours I did find my chin did become shinny but was eliminated with some oil absorbing paper. This side effect is insignificant in comparison to the benefits of covering by the dry dessert like chin skin. This will become part of my routine when I encounter dry areas.

Now that your skin is primed it is ready for some make-up. I received the trèStiQue color & contour baby blush stick in Bora Bora Coral, this trial size does not come with the contour brush.

The smaller surface area of this applicator for the travel size needed more strokes on the apples of my cheeks to cover the basic area which can result in inconsistent lines from different strokes of pressure, not a fan. Once the product is applied you need to blend it out for a natural look, but with my pale skin I looked flush in the face as if I had just received some horrible news or seen a ghost. Not the color for me, this will go into the swap bag.

Last but not least, the Luxie Rose Gold Small Tapered Blending Brush. Who could not use more brushes in your arsenal?

Another blending brush is always welcome to the collection, after all it is the one who does some of the best work and gets the dirtiest. This is a pretty brush and with the white tips it gets dirty quickly, reminding you to wash it often. To really review a brush I need to see how well it performs over time, do bristles fall out after washing? Does the base stay connected to the wand? Does it do a good job of blending? So far I am very happy with the blending but have only washed it once and so time will tell how well it will last.

Over all another happy customer of Ipsy as I would purchase all again except the blush. What did you receive this month? Are you happy? If not, are you reviewing the products on Ipsy to help them improve your bag?

Till next month.



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  1. I want them all, especially the luxie brush! I’m a total sucker for makeup brushes!! 😦 and you did a great review! I’ll appreciate it if you could check my blog http://harevaden.wordpress.com

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