5 things yoga has taught me

Today was a great day in flow class today as it was the third time I achieved a headstand. Super pumped as it is not every flow class I can rise up from my teddy bear stand. Since I was so thrilled from what I completed it was hard to meditate during savanna and it got me thinking of all the things yoga has taught me over the years, 14 years and counting;

  1. Do not compare yourself to others
    1. You do not know what others have been through, maybe they are having an off day, maybe you are having an off day, or maybe they have an injury. This has been a big lesson for me, I would be so negative towards myself if I could not achieve something when someone else came into a pose with ease or the opposite I would think less of someone if they could not achieve a posture I found easy. Either way, I must stay present on MY mat and focus on MY practice. I have taken this lesson into life as all too often we compare ourselves to others thinking we are better or worse off when we really do not know the full story.
  2. Health is your #1 asset
    1. If you do not take care of yourself mentally and physically you cannot be your best self. I use to suffer from regular debilitating back pain, where I could not focus on tasks or people, now that I take the time to regularly exercise my back pain has nearly disappear, I am getting older and sometimes overdo it at the gym. But now I am living a much happier life as I am taking better care of myself.
  3. Be patient
    1. You cannot force yourself to be good at something right away. It takes time and practice to improve and become the best you can at something. When I first started doing nail art it looked terrible but with patients and practice my lines became smoother and the designs more elaborate but I know I will never be a professional and I am okay with that.
  4. If something is not working, change it
    1. Some poses hurt or are too difficult, this is okay. Instead do something else or a modification. Like in life if you do not like something in your life maybe it is; your style, your weight, your job, it is on you to change this and no one else. I found my career as an accountant did not fit my outgoing and creative personality.
  5. It is ok to fall
    1. When you fall it means you are getting out of my comfort zone, trying to achieve something you do not already have. This is taking a risk to achieve something greater. I did this with launching Semar Productions, the adventure taught me a lot while we tried to achieve something greater, now it is time to pick ourselves up and carry on.

While yoga has a plethora of lessons and health benefits it relates to every life differently, what has it taught you?

PS I love Oxygen Yoga. 



One comment

  1. Great lessons and reminders! Thanks for the wise words!

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