Sephora VIP Rouge Status & Makeover

It is weird to leave the house with out ANY makeup! I feel like I look a lil sickly with my pale skin after this past winter and recovering from a breakout last week, but I did it because I knew the end results of the Sephora Beauty Studio would be well worth it. 20160211_151014

So my original plan was for a glam look, after all it was going to be date night with the hubby.But that changed when the event was canceled (a murder mystery dinner) so we planned to still go for dinner as within a few hours of the cancel email I won a 4 pack of tickets to Yuk Yuks the comedy club. #winning

Back to the makeup. This year I reached VIP Rouge status and with so many great benefits I need to take advantage of them. With this new Studio session booked I really wanted to make the most of it. I have recently purchased the new Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eye Shadow & Blush Palette, I love EVERY color of the eye shadow but need some help to fine tune the blush palette so with a simple request  this was the focus of my session and I walked away with a new great look I would have never completed at home.

So many products were used; many new, some trusted, some new favorites. I am not sure what kind of blog this will be yet but if you are interested in the actual technique used leave a comments.

I really enjoy trying new things and had to restrain myself a lil.:) as I could not want to walk away with them all.

But I did get something new, I had never heard of a layer between your moisturizer and primer but we now have Urban Decay B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion spray  . I am very excited for this product as it claims to reduce redness and clog pores, if I can reduce the redness I dont need so much product to clog my pores, easy choice!

As for my final look, Dejanaira (Dj) from Sephora Metrotown and I had some fun. I love giving my eyes accent colors and the Gwen palette has so many options! Dj suggested a ombre look where we sandwich one darker color on the outsides of my eye and a lighter shimmer in the middle. I loved it! I just wish I had more time to capture snaps in better lighting.

Lashes! look at them! The Benefit – They’re Real! Tinted Lash Primer and Urban Decay Perversion make it seem like I am wearing fake lashes, if I did not have a stock pile of mascara minis from Christmas I would have picked these up but they are on my list.

Thanks for joining me on my Adventure/Hustle/Life

(I will work on taking better pictures in the future)



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