IPSY Review January 2016


I was really excited for this months Ipsy Glam Bag as it was all about the color brown on eyes which is a great pair with my blue eyes.

In this bag I received;

Lets start with least to favorite

eye brow

OFRA Cosmetics – Universal Eyebrow Pencil

OFRA Cosmetics – Universal Eyebrow Pencil, this eye brow pencil went on well but was very sensitive to heat. When cooking, if I had to pull something out of the oven I could feel the bees wax from the pencil slightly melt. I went to check if there was any damage to my look and noticed nothing. Not sure how it would stand up to the heat of long summer days but I do not want to find out. The color was not a perfect match for my dark brown brows but it was close enough my husband did not notice.


skyn ICELAND – Travel Size Glacier Cleansing Cloths


skyn ICELAND – Travel Size Glacial Cleansing Cloths, personally I am not a fan of washing my face without water but these guys did a really good job. Initially it was a rough texture on my face, like a slight exfoliate, not something my sensitive skin could handle every day. The cloth removed all my make-up without any additional water. My skin was left soft to the touch with a light scent which was a nice benefit you do not get from water.


Jelly Pong Pong – Fairy Lashes CURL

Jelly Pong Pong – Fairy Lashes CURL, with so many good to great mascaras on the market it is hard to impress me. This product does a good job; it really does an excellent job to curl the lashes and add length plus they do not test on animals. The down side is that the brush and product combination does nothing to help thicken the lashes. The Fairy Lashes CURL is something I can put into my mascara rotation.

eye liner

theBalm Cosmetics – Mr White (Now) in Jac B. Bronze

theBalm Cosmetics – Mr. Write (Now), is my second favorite product from this months bag. Over the past 6 months I have been a big fan of bold eye liner colors ranging from purple, aqua, gold and a few in between. This bronze is a darker shade with a green element and vibrant shimmer the color is subtle for every day wear which also enhances the blue of my eyes nicely. The pencil is self sharping  goes on smoothly and lasted all day.

fileAsset (1)

J. Cat Beauty – Blinkle Shimmer Eyeshadow

J.Cat Beauty – Blinkle Shimmer Eyeshadow, this months winner! I love this color, Tangerine Light. The pigmentation of a bronze copper color is very strong with a vibrant shimmer. It blends well and softly. The shadow disk is not heavily packed and from the short time it has been in my make up case has already started to crack so I need to be careful as I do not want to waste a fleck of this color.

Next month I will do a better job of taking pictures of the products in use.

Thanks for joining me #Adventure/Hustle/Life


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