Vancouver Winter Wander





Great day to live in Vancouver.

For $5 a person was given access to 5 amazing Vancouver museums;

My husband, brother and myself made sure to arrive early as we knew it was going to be a busy day with these prices. We first started at the Museum of Vancouver, with the Your Future Home: Creating the New Vancouver, I was very interested to see how much planning goes into the development of the city. Seeing the 20 visions for the future of our city all has a common element, the environment. It is quickly evident that Vancouver is on the leading edge of being a green city, many visions focused on having many parks, good walking scores for the residents and visitors. Next I popped into Neon Vancouver for a quick peak to the past. In the long gloomy wet days of a Vancouver winter it is nice to see bright pops of color to put a smile on your face.

Next we headed into the era exhibits ranging from 1900 – 1970. It was fascinating to learn that back in 1915 Vancouver saw our first real estate bubble burst, this of course was one of the side effects of the great depression. Will this happen again to Vancouver? So many variables at play it always seems to be a guessing game.



Now we are ready to move next door to the H.R. MacMillan Space Center. Does this space man look like Mike Myers?



Looking at all that is space and us on this tiny plant reminds a person how small we are in this entire universe. So make sure to find time to have fun! We touched the meteor but the line up for the Star Theater was to long so we went onto the next museum.


Around the corner we went to the Vancouver Maritime Museum, I was fairly excited as this was going to be my first visit. The first exhibit to see obviously was the large boat stuck inside the building, the St. Roch, the first ship to navigate the Canadian Arctic in 1928. Walking around the ship I felt like a giant. It is hard to comprehend this ship slept more than 20 people.

After the ship we decided to call it a day, the crowds were increasing as we expected and no one in our group has any musical talent. Thank you Port Metro Vancouver for presenting this fun day.




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