Donate Blood, Save a Life

I do not make resolutions every year but goals, smart goals broken down into easy to manage steps. One of my goals for 2015 was to donate blood, this may sound easy, but not for someone who has a fear of needles. My time was running out for 2015 so I called up my brother and his fiancee for moral support since they are veterans at donating, 100 times between the two of them! If they can do it so easily and often, so can I.

I started to psych myself up and was ready to set the date, December 26th. Those three weeks went by very quickly and that morning I could taste my nerves in the back of my throat but fortunately I had a great support system to get me through this. When we arrived at the clinic the nurses had a great bed side manner, they understood my fear and were very appreciative I was going above and beyond my own issue to give back and save a life.  The entire process took about 45mins as they asked many questions, withdrawing the blood was only 15mins of the time. During the question period I was shocked when I first saw the FOUR collection bags, but they explained to me they will only fill one bag and later separate the platelets and plasma. Phew. Once questions were done I was taken to the lounge to sit back and “relax” while they prep my arm. In my head I kept thinking of my calm yoga training and taking deep breaths. The nurse was ready and I looked away and with one poke she was in and I was donating blood for the first time!

I believe I will always be squeamish about needles in real life or on TV, but sometime you just need to do things you for a better cause. My next appointment is April 7th and I will be going on my own this time.


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