2015 was a great year!

Happy Holidays everyone, 2015 has been a great year! Andy & I are truly blessed!

As most of you know Andy & I have been hard at work getting our new company, Semar Productions, off the ground and have made great strides this year with obtaining offices at Canadian Motion Picture Park (where they filmed Supernatural, Twilight and Watchman) launching our website (soon to be revamped in Feb 2016) and optioning our first feature film Trauma-Con, a horror/comedy. We are both very excited for 2016 as we anticipate to establishing our long awaited film fund where we get to start the real fun!

Aside from work Andy and I have had a great year, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary (hard to believe we have not killed each other yet, jk). Andy received his work permit and learners drivers licence. Became obsessed with My Vegas games on Facebook, not entirely a bad thing as it did get us $700 usd worth of free stuff in Las Vegas this March. And he has found a love for Bacon, who can blame him though.

For myself, at the start of the year I made a three goals; travel more, donate blood and launch a new career and I am happy to say I have done them all.

I have always loved to travel and wanted to make it a priority before things got crazy with Semar. It started with a trip to Seattle to see a friend in January where I saw the legendary gum wall. February Andy & I had a pre v-day trip to Victoria where we took a small sea plane for the first time. In March Andy had to leave the country to renew his visitor’s visa so what better place then Las Vegas! Here we focused on seeing shows and saw Zumanity, Zarkana, Carrot Top and Frank the Man, surprisingly Carrot Top was really funny. April we were off to Calgary for the Comic and Entertainment Expo, here our friend took us for a nice side trip to beautiful Banff and Lake Louise. In May & June Andy could not leave Canada again till his work visa arrived so I was off with a friend, Megan, on a road trip to Napa Valley and San Francisco, so many highlights here but the nicest surprise was the Jelly Belly Factory tour and shop as I brought back 10 pounds of the sweet stuff! In July we made it out east to Niagara Falls and Toronto visiting my cousins Steph & Mark, thank you Steph for your gracious hospitality. Go Blue Jays! For August we kept it close to home and did day trips to Bowen Island and Cultus Lake with friends. In September our lovely friends Linda & Dean tied the knot on Pender Island, absolutely stunning ceremony. And to round out the year I won a trip to Swinomish Casino from the radio and headed down with my friend Brandon where I won $111 from The Wizard of Oz slots.


Kayaking off Pender Island

As for donating blood I have an appointment on Boxing Day, where Mike will hold my hand as I am not a fan of needles but know this is for a better cause then my phobia.

If the year was not busy enough I completed the Associate Certificate at BCIT in Marketing Management – Public Relations with straight A’s! To help round out my education with experience I have been volunteering with the Canadian Public Relation Society, which I have been very thankful for the exposure.

Mattie & Toto are well. Mattie is now at the ripe ol’ age of 10 but still young as every as he will never tire out of playing fetch. Toto has now been with us for two short years but has really started to show his personality with barking for attention and playing tug with Andy’s old socks.

2016 will be another amazing year and just remember “Arriving at one goal is the starting point of another” – John Dewey.

Mattie, Toto, Santa

Toto & Mattie visit Santa



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