My faith in group work has been restored

Happy Days!

My trust has been restored in teamwork as we received one of the best marks on a group project I have seen all year, 93% on a digital branding analysis and strategy. This team really came together like a well-oiled machine. Everyone agreed to cover different sections of the project as per the outline as well as having a backup for each section to help collaborate on ideas. We then went away to do some research and make notes. As a group we decided that to ensure the tone and writing of the report was consistent we needed to meet one day to get the majority of this report written. When they day came we all arrived on time and prepared to get the work done, very motivating. Since the majority of research, the most time consuming part, was done we finished 90% of the report that day. That day I walked away with my head held high because of a job well done with a group I was proud to be a part of.

Group work really is a good thing. In the process of working as a team bigger ideas can grow as different perspectives are brought to the table. It is also a good environment to improve your skills, I was able to help one partner understand ROI while I learned more about graphic design and formatting the report. Everyone was a winner.


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