Group work sucks!


This is my last semester at BCIT in the Marketing Management -Public Relations program and I could not be happier! I have heard horror stories of group work at BCIT where one or more members do sub-par work (or no work) and I have been lucky up to this point….

With my extensive experience with group work one of the first things I want to establish in the group are rough deadlines on how we want to execute the project based on the given outline, this way all members know what is expected and can voice concerns early on if they do arise. This is a great approach to start any project but requires communication from all team members which is where my doubt started to set in.  We were using Whats app for group chat and one member would rarely respond and when he did the responses were very short. As deadlines came and went work was not done but we as a group still had faith he would produce, we believed he was just a keen procrastinator. We all wanted a good mark of this project of course. So with 24 hours to our deadline he emailed us his one page to include in the report, we were all shocked and upset but being the 11th hour we had to work with what we had. Sad to say it was not enough as we received the worse mark I had seen my entire time at BCIT.

Fortunately our lovely team mate received what was coming to him as the instructor had us fill out team mate evaluation forms. Justice!

Lesson learned; when you have trusted protocols in place, trust them. Until  you have a working relationship with a person.


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