Blue ombre hair and care tips

I am blue da ba dee da ba die

Andy received great news on the deal this week so I felt I no longer had to wait to get my hair done and ta da more Blue!




It is always such a nice treat to get my hair done, Aubrey at Avant Garde in Yaletown always does an amazing job. This trip I also felt extra special while Aubrey called in another stylist to help blow dry my hair at the same time. Super  happy with this fresh color, I just hope the maintenance is not to time consuming, my thick hair was already  takes close to 40 mins to blow dry each time.

Some tips I have learnt over the years with my color hair

  • Avoid washing your hair if you can, extend your style with dry shampoo. I like to use Batiste Deep Brown as it does not leave a white powder look on my roots
  • A cooler shower will help maintain the color
  • Add some of your color to your white cream condition, this will revive the color each time.
  • When I do wash my hair I spray leave in conditioner on my damp hair, this helps glide my brush in my hair and repair it leaving it feeling less like straw.

Let me know if you have any tips I should know about.


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