Easy Peasy baking soda exfoliant

Super easy DIY exfoliate for sensitive or normal skin. You probably already have the ingredients.

Eyebrow product review & rave

This new product combo has been super easy to use, takes no time and lasts all day.
Worth every penny

Toxic Free Tuesday - Arbonne - FC5 Exfoliating New Cell Scrub

46 ingredients combined to reveal more radiant skin.

This hand cream seriously works miracles.

#TFT Arbonne Calm Gentle Daily Cleanser, so gentle I could open my eyes while washing my face.

A Series - Safer Personal Healthcare Options

Safe personal healthcare solutions that go beyond the surface, the start of a series of reviews.

History of Make-up - Finger Nails

A visual history of fingernail fashion

LG G5 phone review by a non-techie‚Äč

A tech review from a non-techie

Side hustle, positive thinking, re-branding, never quit.

#ipsy #MellowChic #VeraMonaChic #FORUMLA1006Chic #HikariChic #SmashboxChic